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Blade servers are finding it challenging to handle the rapidly changing requirements of modern applications and data on the fly. Multiple system types and management paradigms are in place, along with individual and sometimes competing policies.

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What’s driving change in your organization?

The need to drive a broader range of workloads than is typically hosted on blade servers, and to consolidate onto fewer system types to increase handling, particularly to enable automation that drives agility and operational efficiency in order to free up IT resources from managing boxes to adding value to the business.

For example the business may need to support rapidly changing workload conditions based on changes in peak usage, support AI/Machine Learning from a pool of available GPUs, support big data with multiple drives or to accelerate current workload performance.

Your risk areas

  • Increased system types and management paradigms increase training costs and compliance and security risks.

  • Performance throttling can stifle innovation and impact user experience.

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