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Modern Consolidator

Your Current Landscape

Your organization knows that it must take steps now to prepare for the future – and provide the flexibility to ensure that IT has the agility to move at the pace of your evolving business.

This requires a standardized, adaptable infrastructure: Your on-premise infrastructure has likely reached a point where each application has a set of unique infrastructure, application and tool silos. It is acknowledged that this is impacting the scale and efficiency of IT in support of the organization’s application requirements.

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What’s driving change in your organization?

In this fast-paced world, it is important to be one step ahead of your competitors by being able to change resource allocations with the speed and ease of software in order to support new and dynamic business applications.

Can your IT team afford to build, deploy, and manage infrastructure differently for each new purpose? It takes time, lacks scale and ties up valuable resources. Better to choose a path forward that eliminates silos and deploys applications with standardized, common infrastructure and automation.

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Your risk areas

  • Inability to assemble resources into systems optimized for modern applications.

  • Silos create delays in new application deployment, or impact application performance and security.

  • The data center will require expensive and time-consuming forklift upgrades which may still not future proof the data center.

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