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Your Current Landscape

It’s likely that your organization has experienced technologies and innovations around software defined storage and accelerated computing with GPUs. This has created architectural shifts in infrastructure in order to handle new workloads such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and solutions like Hyper Converged Infrastructure.

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What’s driving change in your organization?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) need GPU and FPGA accelerators to scale to the heights required for rapid decision-making. All of this needs to be done with infrastructure that can flex and scale to meet these dynamic requirements.

New technologies will continue to shape infrastructure. PCIe and CXL will enable the disaggregation of resources and the custom reassembly of those resources to best serve applications. High performance CPUs and GPUs need to be accommodated and 100/200G networking will bring next gen performance.

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Your risk areas

  • Inability to keep up with AI/Machine Learning commercial requirements, impacting competitive advantage and customer experience

  • Service disruption from forklift data center changes.

  • Failure to meet demands of new technology standards and innovations.

  • Resource failure for intensive workload/data peaks.

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