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Application and desktop virtualization have helped to reduce system integration and administration costs and greatly improve security and reliability. Today, your organization is seeing applications that are increasingly distributed, they are everywhere… accessible from anywhere. On-premise, in the public cloud, in private clouds, at the edge – on your smartphone – or even your smart watch.

Apps have become the beating heart of innovation – they are the direct expression of consumer demand and your organization’s presence.

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What’s driving change in your organization?

These apps have forced a whole new way of thinking about IT. The old rules no longer apply; it’s not on premise versus cloud – it’s both. There’s a requirement for massive scale and granular control. This is a new era and IT must equip itself to manage, what can/could be great complexity, while staying in control and enabling end-to-end processes and automation in order to keep up with business needs.

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Your risk areas

  • As application adoption grows more complex, more and more configuration, deployment and managing of boxes happens. Application silos are increased with every new idea, update and scale out.

  • Increased inflexibility drastically increases deployment time of new applications leading to delays in the associated commercial benefits.

  • A lack of optimized hybrid support is throttling business innovation.

  • The rapid development stages of the applications often prevent consolidation and adaptation of the underlying platforms, which in turn leads to a lack of performance or silos in the infrastructures.

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