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The commercial needs of the business and its customers mean that more modern applications require a different type of support and increased resources, but mission critical systems on older infrastructure are not going anywhere and need to seamlessly interact with these newer applications.

Your on-premise infrastructure, as with many other organizations, has reached a point where each application has a set of unique infrastructure, application and tool silos. Which may drive individual application efficiency, but means that overall efficiency is dropping as new applications lead to new silos.

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What’s driving change in your organization?

In short, being under pressure to deliver improved customer and organizational experiences.

The organization is also continuing to expand the use of increasingly dynamic, customer friendly, applications that rely on information and functionality within the ERP and need to future proof their IT infrastructure.

They’ll look to do this by upgrading – developing the ability to support hybrid capabilities of cloud and on-premise to create a more fluid pool of resources.

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Your risk areas

  • Not delivering on the best experience for the organization, customers and business partners therefore directly impacting revenue.

  • Opening up IT infrastructure to more modern applications without robust security management in place, or inhibited by traditional ways of managing server security.

  • Slow to respond to competitive advantages for user experience and convenience, impacting long term business performance.

  • Insufficient resources to manage and adjust new systems

  • Risk of migrating running systems and their applications

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